LE THIRD FLOOR : Nicolas Bulostin is the the owner and the founder of Le Third Floor. A creative bespoke multi music services and strategy consultancy.

PSI AUDIO: I am working as a Creative Media Strategy Consultant with the amazing speaker brand PSI Audio and wonderful CEO Roger Roschnik and his team!  PSI AUDIO website!

I AM A PROUD AMBASSADOR OF PSI AUDIO: Swiss Made Precision High-End Studio loudspeakers.

ACTIVE RECORDS: artist development and strategy: Je suis heureux d’annoncer ma collaboration en tant que ‘Deal, Business, Strategy & Development’ avec le label Active Records développant l’artiste Gaumar et Mat Hood.

Artists: Here are the artists that I am collaboration with: Artists Development

TILEYARD STUDIOS: Office at the Tileyard Studios London and partner with Tileyard Studios and Tileyard Education.

MUSIC WEEK UK:  Metropolis and Le Third Floor make French connection with new studio partnerships

REPRESENTING ABBEY ROAD: Book Abbey Road studios via Le Third Floor, we will look after your assets, masters and deliver the best work ever!  Abbey Road Mastering Studios: We represent Abbey Road Mastering Studios for France. Some of France’s top artists have had their work mastered at Abbey Road. (Abbey Road Website).

Connecting London to Europe and Europe to London. Le Third Floor bring business from Europe.

Les derniers hits masterisés par l’équipe de Le Third Floor.  Latest hits mastered by our team at Le Third Floor.

FAUBOURG RECORDSFaubourg records est né d’un partenariat entre le Third Floor à Londres et RTSL Music à Paris. Ces deux entités  partagent la même passion, incubateur de talent, dévotion pour le live et l’image. Basé à Bastille, à Paris avec leur studio de production innovateur.

UNIVERSAL MUSIC PUBLISHING FRANCE: I have a publishing catalogue called “BOOGY ONE PUBLISHING” with Universal Publishing France since 1996.

SGA / STUDIO DE LA GRANDE ARMEE:  “We take care of your projects from Paris; we send them to our partner “The 3rd Floor”, who handles them directly at Metropolis Mastering in London. Partnership between SGA in Paris and Le Third Floor in London and Metropolis Studios London. Le Third Floor CEO Nicolas Bulostin, added: “I had the idea to create an alliance between two  recording studios in Europe…

TILEYARD EDUCATION deal with PSI AUDIO speakers and Le Third Floor.

Business recording studio partnership between Fluid Mastering and Le Third Floor! More info coming soon…

MY RECORDING STUDIO: The studio is the channel for Nicolas Bulostin’s productions, releases and collaborations. The studio is based at Fluid Mastering studios complex, in West London.

METROPOLIS STUDIOS: Mastering partner with Metropolis Studios London

PEER MUSIC PUBLISHING UK: I have a publishing catalogue with Peer Music UK called Aqualise Music since 2010.

“I have been working with Nicolas/ Le Third Floor on various projects for the last 20 years. Most recently with artists Tony Remy & Idir. The music is always interesting & the productions sparkle. Nicolas has a sound background in music production. Including engineering sessions for legends like Charles Aznavour. Sessions are always fun & I wish we saw more of him here at Abbey Road. All the best for the future.” – Geoff Pesche. Senior Mastering Engineer. Abbey Road Studios.


“Always a pleasure working with Nico. I love the variety of music that Le Third Floor bring to me for mastering, I’m always excited to hear what I’ll be working on next and look forward to many more years working together to make music sound it’s absolute best!” – Stuart Hawkes. Mastering Engineer at Metropolis Studios, London.


“It has been lovely to form an association with Nicholas and Le Third Floor so that Abbey Road can offer their mastering services to all the major music companies in France. And great fun too working with Nicholas, makes all our lives much easier!” – Lucy Launder, Head of Mastering. Abbey Road Studios.


Your work with Aqualise for the oceans has helped to generate funds for Sea Shepherd to defend ocean wildlife worldwide. Sea Shepherd greatly appreciates your generosity and your efforts for marine conservation. – Alex S. Earl Associate Director Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.