I have an innovative outlook on the music industry. As an artistic director, I have, above all other things, a passion for music. But you need a much broader vision to succeed.

I am a talent hunter. I strive to discover the next generation.

Being on a playlist is not enough – it’s essential to have the support on the ground.

Brands: more and more brands are using artists, their music and the emotional background they create to communicate with their customers, find new ones and earn their loyalty.

International: today, you can choose a small record label which signs few artists and focuses on promoting them in France and abroad. On the contrary, majors have rules. If you aren’t successful in your home country, you will not be given a chance on the international scene. However, nowadays, there are many ways for artists to become successful.

Buying habits have changed as well. We used to buy entire albums, now we purchase individual songs or we stream music online. This limits loyalty to artists from one album to the other. Today, all artists are faced with that reality.

Projects: My partners and I are working on innovative projects.

European and international business openings are the key to success in our creative multi-services music business.” – Nicolas Bulostin.

The music industry has recovered strongly due to streaming, but also to its image — and we all know how crucial image is these days.

Throughout my career, I have loved music, I have lived on music. Therefore, I understand how challenging artistic creation can be for artists. I strive to use my know-how, years of experience, to understand what it is like to be an artist with difficulties in making music; to offer my knowledge and support artists throughout their journey… which also happens to be a CAREER!

For artists, success is like the Holy Grail. You need to be able to overcome the obstacles standing in the way of your career, keep an eye out for unexpected opportunities and avoid getting side-tracked by any traps. Stay determined!

Fan base: digitalization has started a revolution. Now, artists are at the heart of the matter again. Music has never been as accessible as it currently is. Today, artists run their own media, they broadcast themselves.

You don’t just become a mentor! Being a coach is not easy! It takes engaging with artists as a team in order to develop their artistic projects. It also requires a great deal of musical knowledge, experience in negotiation, ability to listen, to take a step back, to question your own decisions and points of view. These skills are all vital in this constantly changing music industry.

Image: of course, as an artist, you need to be unique and talented. But you also need to know the industry inside out. You must be aware of how significant image is for marketing in promotion, but also to communicate, to define your style. Good music is not enough anymore.

Lately, brands have developed a true passion for music! And consumers are liking it. Now, you can look up the soundtrack of the adverts you see on TV on specialized websites! I think it’s good that brands and music are working together. The brand-artist-record label trio is a new distribution channel, it’s a win-win-win situation: artists can promote their music through brands’ media; record labels can make their business more sustainable; and brands can enhance their image and boost their publicity.

Strategy: Whether it’s through majors, independents, or self-production, you must understand the market. I understand that, for an artist, this might be difficult to understand, but nevertheless, they, like us, have to incorporate all these concepts.