I am proud to work in an arts community that seeks to break down boundaries between countries.

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Music is one of the most popular forms of art and a vibrant expression of Europe’s cultural diversity.

We need to capitalize and be flexible on Brexit and ensure that going forward Europeans will still feel that the UK has a place for their talent and business opportunities.

Music from the U.K. is so exciting, it’s so cross-pollinated — why would you want pull up the drawbridge on that?

We need in UK to be at the forefront of the music industry in encouraging continued European collaboration and income.

Our European colleagues, students, interns, collaborators, performers, and directors see a bleak future for our work together.


UK music industry sounds REALLY alarm over Brexit!

A recent survey for the British Phonographic Industry, the record industry’s trade body, found that 68 percent of British record labels want the U.K. to remain in the EU.

Spotify, Deezer and other leading digital music companies have launched a new alliance, Digital Music Europe (DME).


“Leaving would also set Britain back years “on a creative level”

“Brexit is a huge potential threat to the British music industry – we can’t mess this up.”

“Brexit is not music to the ears of British bands touring Europe.”

“Leaving the European Union is also likely to result in new rules that restrict freedom of movement for people. That could have a serious impact on touring musicians and crews, and risk limiting millions of fans keen to see their favourite UK acts.”

“The cost of an iTunes download has already increased since the news of Brexit,” thought to be due to the state of our currency. The cost of tour tickets could be increasing too, and the cost of music equipment has risen, with guitar makers Gibson and Fender, both US brands, pushing their prices up because of the slump in value of the pound.”

Creative Europe says: “For the EU cultural sector, losing the UK will reduce the overall pool of talent, reduce the Creative Europe budget and affect the quality of projects. The UK’s continuing participation is therefore in all our interests. Both sides will be the poorer if the UK is not able to stay in.”

“The UK arts sector is losing status in the EU and the world”.

We have to work harder to strengthen then our values and renew our attempts to create a more tolerant world, where artists and others can travel freely, engage with ideas and collaborate with those from all nations. We have to keep touring, travelling, collaborating, inviting, licensing, employing, exchanging, reciprocating.